Velocity stacks for Weber 40 & 44IDFS

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Velocity Stack option for the race track.

Old school design, modelled on a 50’s style these “must have”, light weight additions have an open throat for unrestricted air flow into your carburetor.

Velocity stacks are shaped based on the mathematically calculated ideal gas intake curve. They work by having the widest mouth for the diameter given, and taper inwards to regulate airflow and gradually increase air velocity and density as the air gets closer to the inlet valve. The effect of adding a velocity stack is pronounced. You’ll notice an increase in throttle response, induction sound, and airflow to the engine.

Made of a spun anodised aluminium body.
1 colour available: silver.
One size available to fit Weber 40 & 44IDFS Carburettors.
Popular combination with Okrasa Manifold.
Sold individually.
Easy to install.

Easy to Install